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The expression “can’t get blood from a turnip” is often used in reference to money matters like bills, or borrowing but it can be used in other aspects. In speaking with someone of interest, I realized that I couldn’t get something that they didn’t have to give. That phrase popped into my mind. We as individuals know the things that make us tick, what we need to keep going. Now while the statement is true, all that you need to survive is inside you. It is also true we surround ourselves with the external things that make us happy. The things I opened my eyes to is if you need it go get it. I listened to things that really hurt my feelings, hurt my heart, even shook my belief system but no matter what I believe we are all here for each other. When a person expresses to you they no longer have an interest in giving you that or they don’t have it left in them to give, you need to believe what they are saying cause ultimately they have already told you are hurting yourself waiting for them to do it, as they have already expressed to you they no longer have that to give. You have to decide your are worth it and go get it for yourself.


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