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I am enough…

I am enough, right now…just as I am…just as I have always been. I am not unlike any other person who craves love and acceptance, alas my quest has come to realization. I am enough for me, everything I need is with in. I am a work in progress but I am authentic and not everyone is that. When I give of myself, my time, my understanding it comes from the only place it can, my purest of heart. I give transparency cause there is nothing that I need to hide so I open myself and it is my pleasure. So, I release the shame, hurt, negativity, regret, frustration, and anger and embrace my own greatness. I have seen so much greatness in others and admired it and even praised it but I never took the time to see my own. I have changed my self for the world to accept me and still not been accepted, and here today I stand alone. All alone in this vast universe but I am standing. I am unique and there is no one quite like me and I appreciate my differences. I realize that everything I have experienced, every small victory, every time I hurt, every lesson I learned hard, every time I was torn down, under appreciated, and made to feel like I am good, just not good enough was necessary.

I searched for outside things and people to validate my worthiness. All I ever needed was inside of me all along. I am my own best friend, my own lover, my own inspiration. I am a warrior and I am unapologetic. I let go of all those things that held me captive from being the greatest me, self-doubt, self loathing, fear of not being worthy of good fortune, absolute love. I have it all, cause I absolutely love me.

To all of those who didn’t understand me, blamed me or felt I wasn’t worthy of your acceptance, I love you, I understand you and your are completely blameless and I thank you for helping me grow. I let you go from my life with peace, love and light and from here I move into my possibility, my probability and my faith in who I was made to be. If I never get anything in return from the outside I will still give of myself because my true authentic self is my gift to the world and I will touch everyone I come in contact with, with love.


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