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My Love and me

My love and me, we grow like branches on a tree. We both have our own direction but our limbs sway back and forth for support and the leaves reach out for comfort. Even though we are separate we still get our life force from the same source. Our roots have grown deep enough that we are anchored and nothing can shake our stability. No gender roles, no confusion, I am your strength and you are my comfort, you are strong and I am weak, you cry and I wipe your tears, no judgement from you or me. We are two whole people in love with each others soul and what we have created. He breathes out and I catch his breath when I breathe in. Our hearts beat in a consecutive rhythm to keep the love song playing and our eyes reflect the passion of the others soul. Everything he is I hold it near, everything he’s not I do not fear…this man is the world to me. My needs, my wants, my heart is safe, my desires, hopes and all my dreams are embraced. He may stumble but he won’t fall, I may lose the battle but the war is mine cause I have won. Good love in the morning, butterfly kisses at night and nothing but good vibrations. My love and me.


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