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Good morning life

This grand design is flawless. This universe is blameless. The world is perfect with imperfect people in it and it is made that way for a reason. When the line is flat, your heart has stopped beating as in your life there are hills and valleys. You have to choose a high or low ground you can’t be in both at the same time. People are flawed, all of us and accepting that is the best medicine. 

People come into your life for all different reasons and they are not all meant to stay. The ones that do cherish them now the ones that don’t embrace what they gave you. The best gift you can give yourself is the truth. No one owes you anything, no ones has done anything you didn’t allow and you have no vote in others lives. Bitterness comes when you don’t accept responsibility for your own action, every single thing that you perceive someone has done to you…you allowed. I swallowed that pill this morning and it didn’t go down too easy. 






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