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My 10 positive affirmation 6/14

1. My heart is pure gold, I give of myself without regret, earnestly and truly unconditionally.

2. I am a sexy beast, with or without make-up, hair color, weight loss or gain, over 45 and all. 

3. I follow my heart, my ego doesn’t hold me hostage.

4. My love for me is not dependent on anyones acceptance of me.

5. I am uniquely, beautifully, and purposefully made, there are no mistakes I am exactly what I was created to be. Others thoughts of me are not my concerns.

6. I am never too old, any time I am inclined to do it is when it was meant to be done.

7. My time is a precious thing, never to be wasted on menial things. I’d rather give you my money than my time, I can get more of anything but time. And if I give it to you know you’re special to me.

8. I can have anything in this world I desire, there is no limit to the things I can desire and call forth into my life. Nothing is beyond me, out of reach or out of my league.

9. My talents are plentiful, I do not live in lack. I have gratitude for all the things I have and the things that I will have.

10. I am everything that I expect, loving, caring, honest, trustworthy, loyal, accepting, understanding, and incredible. I LOVE SONDRA and I expect and accept nothing less.

Every morning is a beautiful morning20160614_084039

Love is divine!!!!


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