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Everything you need…

Everything you need, want and desire, you already have!

Anything thing you can conceive, in your world is already in your world. I’m not just speaking for spiritual peace, calm of spirit, lack of stress, although those things too. I do mean wealth, cars, homes, businesses, health, happiness, trips, loved, lovable, have that beautiful family relationship, etc. you have. Each and everything you can conceive, or can dream about, every scenario that could possible be your life already has been conceived and is here in the now. I did say everything so, unfortunately, that does mean everything. So, while the world of abundance already is, so it the world of lack, disease, poverty, mistrust, unhappiness, every physical ailment, every mental disorder, E-V-E-R-T-H-I-N-G! EVERY THOUGHT YOU CAN HAVE is already created. Including the you that people see. 

That it already is, it= any notion you conceive for your life, when you open your mouth and call it forward, believing everything thing you think of yourself to be true. Your life is here right now. You don’t believe its so, but if I tell you its biblical would you believe? If I tell you it is said in all kinds of religious practices, would you believe? If everything in this universe belongs to God, the Creator of all that is, was and always will be and God said that If you ask of me you will receive it but you have to believe it is already done. So if God created all things that means there is no limit, and that what you ask you can have if you believe, there is no limit to what you can conjure into existence. 

What’s holding you back? Do you believe you can have everything you want? So far you have been getting everything you want. I am sick. This is going to be a bad day. I can never have a house like that. Someday I want to be able to drive a car like that. Well, you are sick, it is a bad day, you won’t ever get that house and one step farther you’re not even going to try, but someday you will drive a car like that, but who knows when someday is. 

I have manifested so many things and called it fate, and it was. I have manifested so many miracles and they were. I had a sick baby that they said wasn’t going to come out of that hospital and in my whole absolute being I believed with conviction I was not going to lose her and she would be my Christmas present cause she was going to be home by Christmas. I prepared for her to come home by Christmas and I bought her outfit to wear home from the hospital cause she was coming home. Every time they would take her oxygen out of her nose, her saturation rate would get to low and she would start coughing. They took it off on December 23rd, and it stayed above 94 for over 3 hours and they said she could go home on Christmas eve. That was over 13 yrs ago. Now that’s just the one that popped into mind. 

It’s not enough to ask, and then think this is not going to happen. There has to be intent. You need to live that what you have asked for cause when you asked everything around you started to change to bring forth that which you believed you should have. What changed was you believing you won’t get it. I am wealthy right now!!!! I have the greatest family, romantic, friendship, work relationships I could have ever dreamed possible right now. People are drawn to my light, my being, my personality, my heart is happy and full of love right now! I am driving the car that I want to drive right now and there is another one sitting in front of my 5 bedroom home with a huge yard that I own right now! I am in a loving, life giving, joy bringing, relationship with that man that I will love forever right now! I have peace and good health right now, And I have asked, and I believe that every aspect of my life is in abundance and my belief has not come back to me void, I do not accept lack, poverty and I act accordingly. It is done, knowing that I AM included me, God that created me is the universal I am and I am everything that I was created to be and I have everything without lack. Outside of the circumstance you see…change your vision, perceive all that you are entitled to, see no limits. No matter where you think you are now step in to your new reality you created. 

I had no car for 2 years and I just kept saying I’m tired of walking, and God said”yes”. And I was tired of walking but I changed that this year and said “I am going to get a car, I will not have to walk anywhere I don’t want to in this sun” and God said “yes”. I didn’t have a job, and hadn’t had a job in about 2 years, was just paying the bills and buying groceries but I am not walking and the car is here. I said I am tired of chasing money I am going to let money chase me. I can tell you that this year has been way better than last year, and it’s only gonna get better. I also spoke some very negative words for about a year and low and behold those words became my reality.

You don’t have to take my word for it, but it won’t cost you anything do it for yourself. The worse that can happen is you’ll be right where you are. Give no thought to what you can see right now, it’s already here. You don’t need to know how, why, when, if or but you just need to know that and live it.




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