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What lies in the Truth

The reality is when a person says they are telling you the truth, It is simply there perception of the events you are talking about. If there is 6 people looking at the same thing, all six will have there own interpretation of what they saw. No two people go through life seeing the same exact thing. If a story is told exactly the same way numerous times it is not actually fact…it is a rehearsed lie. The earth is supposedly round but the fact that even if you are as far outer space as you can be you can still only see one side at a time, so how can that be fact. 

However,  even the most honest person will tell a blatant lie when it is convenient. I don’t mean embellishment of the truth, I mean flat out, bold face lie. So I ask myself, why even ask a question that you have perceive the answer to? Cause you want to see how big of a liar they are? Most people will lie, and validate there lie so that they believe it, and go on and live it. The most dangerous person is a person that has believed the lie they told so much that it has become truth to them. Now they have all the tools to manipulate you. We even do it to ourselves, by finding reason no matter how far the stretch from reality, to validate our actions. The thing is if you have already done it, it will not be hard to go one step further to providing themselves with some kind of data to solidify it. 


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